Why Co-Working will Give Your Business a New Edge

Why Co-Working will Give Your Business a New Edge

Affordable and conducive accommodation is very important to businesses that want to go somewhere.

That may be why you are regular at certain spots, coffee shops, landscapes or even a friend’s house just so you could get out and go do what you do somewhere other than your home.

Not worrying about running costs for an office and accommodation-related expenses are major boosts for any business, whether startups or established. No wonder almost all the mega-companies we have come to know and love started in garages and dorm rooms, Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon and many more!

The business world is busier than ever, businesses are dying, morphing, leeching and are more urgent than they have ever been in any other time in all of history. The insatiable needs of the human being are being met with the inexhaustible list of businesses being open every day to provide solutions, relief or even distractions.

Everyone is searching for the next big idea, the perfect formula and the next 10 quick tips to make a killing, in the quest to beat competitors and stay relevant.

Since not everyone is successful, it means many get it wrong in one way or the other or sometimes in every way.

BSI cares how you do what you do…

So, here are the reasons why our coworking spaces will give your business a huge edge:


  1. No One is an Island.

Turning around and finding someone to share a joke with, or experience even to toss ideas back and forth is an amazing opportunity. Working from home or in recluse has proven to have fewer pros than cons it hinders productivity and kills social skills which are super relevant if you are looking to build a brand that can survive.

In a world where everyone is collaborating, your network determines your net worth.


  1. Sharing is caring.

If you believe that businesses are like babies, then the most caring thing you can do for your baby is to share:

  • Running Costs
  • Ideas
  • Disappointments
  • Contacts
  • Tips
  • Fears

Even a breakroom with other people who are equally as goal-driven. They will consciously and subconsciously challenge you to push your boundaries letting you know how your ideas sound to other people and they will get you to talk about your business till you perfect it!


  1. Low-Costs + Free yourself up for what’s really important

Setting up an office space isn’t cheap, there is rent, renovation, furniture and logistics, staffing security and a receptionist a manager and even a gateman sometimes. That is why a workspace which only let you worry about building your business whilst it handles all these other issues is priceless. With a coworking space, every day you come to a furnished, running, open and clean space to conduct your business and improve your services.


  1. Work-Life Balance:

Working from home is cool, but the trap of not drawing a line between work and your life is real. A coworking space gives you somewhere to go every day, and It doesn’t burden you with the commitments of a traditional office. It is serious enough to let you slide into work-mode but light-hearted and breezy enough to let you enjoy life as you make money.

Working from home, a restaurant or your favorite nature spot is all fun and games till a client wants to meet, or maybe you want to host a workshop or training and you need a professional space that could support what you need.

Imagine having a working space within a premium part of town with uninterrupted electricity and multiple Wi-Fi and amazing deals.

Check out our offers and join the BSI family and watch your business Usain Bolt it ahead of your competitors.