Productivity tips for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

Productivity tips for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

It is dog eat dog out here the business world is getting tougher by the minute, we see many seemingly bright prospects bowing out of the industry in despair leaving the proverbial strong to survive.

The difference between those who crash and burn and those who soar and make impact includes but isn’t limited to ability.

It takes special skills that aren’t innate but are picked up, studied and kept close for breakthrough.

BSI believes every freelancer and entrepreneur deserves equal footing to spring up from into their careers, so at every chance we enjoy bringing formulas that are tested and proven to increase productivity and ultimately profits.


Tips to consider:

  1. Kill Your Distractions.

Kill isn’t too strong a word to use because in this generation there is a war going on for our attention.

Apps, marketers, entertainers, family, friends and beneficiaries plus many more are constantly clawing for our attention.

We must decide when it is work time and put phones on “silent” or “do not disturb”.

Do not often visit friends who would rather challenge you to play video games rather than talk about business and how your entrepreneurial steps are going. These distractions are more than what we believe them to be.

A phone call with a bad energy can ruin your workflow, checking out an innocent Twitter notification could have you on the app 40 minutes later on a thread about Persian cats.

  1. Spoil Yourself!

Line up rewards for yourself at the end of every task or project. It could be a movie episode, an hour on YouTube, maybe even a drive or walk to your favorite food joint.

With these rewards in sight, it will give you extra motivation to push through boring tasks and projects. With eyes on an end, that will give you pleasure and even more importantly you get to take a break and not burn out.

  1. Rage, Rage!

There are times when you will feel like there is not a single drop of motivation in your being. Writers call it writer’s block; other fields have different names for it but the empty-demotivating feeling behind all of them is the same.

There are many formulas tipped to solve this block whether its writer’s, programmer’s or any other career for that matter.

The one that has been most successful is to rage. The moment you feel the emptiness and inspirational dryness, summon your anger and talk to yourself how far you have come and what you have your mind set on.

Keep doing what you do don’t go down without a fight!


  1. Get a Functional Working Space

Working from home, restaurants and your favorite hangouts could get you going but they all lack one great ingredient, the feeling that urges you to get work done.

Getting the right place means you get a place;

  • That is well lit and airy.
  • With comfortable furniture and no noise pollution.
  • Fast Wi-Fi and enough space to walk and clear you mind with breathtaking views.

This is something you cannot get from home or that spot and BSI offers these and more ranging from networking opportunities to stimulating décor and a functional kitchen and uninterrupted electricity.


These tips are sure to help you keep your head up in a sea of fighters fighting for the same prize – survival.