Three (3) Things You Didn’t Know About B.S.I

Three (3) Things You Didn’t Know About B.S.I

It is that time of the year.

The time of jingle bells, colourful lights, hugging friends/family coming home, also of – reflection and gifts.
Those around us have a way of warming our hearts either with just their mere presence or by their gestures of love.

In line with this beautiful tradition, BSI is offering amazing deals at unbelievable prices to those who work best in a conducive and non-traditional but efficient environment.

Hot desks and cubicles are available for ridiculously low prices in an effort to pass the holiday spirit around!

What’s most interesting is;
Apart from delivering the bare minimum of furniture, space and Wi-Fi. BSI goes further and provides more to enhance productivity.


Here are 3 things you didn’t know about BSI:

  1. Kitchen: Dining facilities are available to clients.
  • With ready access to a designated cabinet where you can store provisions for as long as you use our co-working space and you also have
  • access to heated water and a
  • Microwave! We have made meals and coffee breaks extremely simple while you concentrate on moving your enterprise forward.
  1. View: One of the most striking impressions upon visiting BSI is the beautiful view from the back of the building! A balcony furnished with comfortable furniture so that the work doesn’t stop! Even when you are taking a breath of fresh air and clearing your head!
    The ocean view is soothing and gives you a grip of reality as new ideas are born, maybe you just need to get outside and entertain a guest or to enjoy a mug of delicious coffee with a client.
    BSI’s balcony is a magnificent plus+ you won’t find at the typical co-working space.


  1. Network: This is probably the most important feature BSI offers. Structure and set-up undoubtedly positions BSI at the place where it attracts the influential and motivated.
    For the start-up or even the established entrepreneur, a co-working space which guarantees you comfort and a stimulating atmosphere to work and meet contacts who could impact your career is priceless!

These three qualities are just few among

  • Fast internet
  • Comfortable furniture
  • Professional atmosphere

Taking advantage of this in a deal that is more like a gift is probably the best thing you could give your business this holiday.

Happy Holidays!