Coworking in Freetown: The Ultimate Newcomer’s Guide

Coworking in Freetown: The Ultimate Newcomer’s Guide

You could be a young professional who is trying to get a grip of things and understanding how things are in your new line of work, or maybe working isn’t new to you, you have done this for a long time now, but like the young professional you are looking to test new waters.

The world of coworking is a new sphere for almost everyone because it’s the future – which makes it dangerous, but you are not without help.

Here you’ll find the signposts for your new journey. To urge you into the right direction so you won’t waste money and your precious time or both.

Here are a few tips to help you make sound judgements as you journey:

  1. Finding the right coworking spot

Finding the right coworking spot is as important as finding one in the first place, because getting this bit wrong takes a huge toll on your budget and your output.

There are a couple places in freetown that offer coworking services but the premier coworking space provider is clearly BSI because of  how much it caters and how far that takes you.

On so many levels from providing the nurturing environment to the networks it exposes you to. You really can’t put a price on anything that makes your enterprise bigger.

Good wifi, strategic location and comfortable furniture whatever it is that you need should be covered by your ideal workspace and that’s what BSI offers and more.

  1. Get a good starter pack.

The value of a good laptop, headphones, backpack and a set of diaries cannot be overemphasized.

What you wouldn’t want is to need a laptop, good backpack and diary and not have a good one handy.

This combination means you can literally carry your office everywhere and with ease. Moving is a whole lot better and you can stop anywhere and jot ideas without being afraid of losing pieces of paper.

You should make sure those diaries are exclusively for work purposes just so you don’t mix important details among other writings, the laptop always charged and the backpack always in good condition.

Plus you need headphones for when your coworking mates are chatty and you want to block out the voices without being rude, or when you don’t want to be invited into conversations.

  1. Socialise

To thrive in almost any field in this age, collaboration has been tipped as a great tool.

Having relationships with fellow inhabitants of a coworking space is really good for your business, they could direct some good contact your way or link you up with a client or maybe even motivate you with their drive and ambition.

You also don’t know maybe they are experts on something you have needed help with for so long. Explore their brands and scout business opportunities.

Get up, reach out and say ‘HELLO’ don’t be uptight and self centered, you can’t do it all, socialise!

These tips when practiced and kept close, can pay back manifold.

Don’t play with your dreams, get a good workspace with BSI, get valuable gadgets a mentor and learn new skills and you can survive anywhere, even beyond Freetown!